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House Flipper Game Play Online Free

House Flipper is an interesting simulator that allows players to try themselves as professionals in cleaning, building and decorating. This game has quickly gained popularity among users who enjoy strategy and simulation genres. So time to test it yourself!

Get your first job!

In this game, users take on the role of a person who buys, renovates, and sells properties for profit. The game’s primary objective is to transform rundown homes into beautiful and functional spaces that buyers will be willing to pay top dollar for. But before you get to this part, you need to work with the people’s homes for a while.

First, explore your new office. You have a little dirty cabin in the middle of your yard. Clean it before you begin to work. Dispose all the garbage, mop the floors and clean the scattered furniture. Then, get to your laptop and check your emails. The first client just wrote his message for you!

When you begin to play, you only get a mop and a tablet. Go to your first customer and clean all the rooms in his home. Fix the furniture and grab your mop. Then, open your tablet and find the radiator. The client wants a new radiator, and you need to install it. And your job is done!

How to play?

The gameplay is a combination of simulation, strategy, and puzzle-solving elements. You begin by receiving an email with your task. You have the opportunity to accept it or reject it and search for a better offer. Then you go to the necessary place and begin your important work.

Clean and paint walls, repair floors and ceilings, install new techniques and furniture. And add decorative touches to enhance the property’s appeal. Use your tablet to purchase necessary things. And all the items you unlock will help you in your work.

The more you play, the more items you unlock. First you have only a mop. But then you get necessary tools to even fully repair the building. And after every work, you receive your payment. Use it to improve your office and get new furniture.
Enjoy the long and interesting walkthrough!

Later in the process you will be able to purchase different buildings for your business and yourself. Earn money, save it and purchase offices and homes. And upgrade them too with all the decorations and furniture.

The design and graphics are realistic and detailed, with a variety of building styles. You will face a range of exciting challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome. Manage a tight budget, deal with strange customers’ requests and search for the rubbish. And more work will appear on your list.

On this site you can also find different versions and DLCs of this cool project. Some versions even contain hacks for your walkthrough. The simulator is available on pc. And the controls aren’t difficult at all. You can intuitively understand where to put things and how to use different tools.

Overall, the project offers an engaging experience for people who would like to relax by creating their own home designs. So pick the version you like the most and begin the walkthrough.