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House Flipper Multiplayer

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Want to renovate some buildings with your best friends? Create your own company and begin accepting orders in House Flipper Multiplayer!

Your aim is to earn enough money to be able to purchase, renovate and sell properties. So before you buy your first building, you need to complete the work your clients got for you. You will clean and repair their homes, install the necessary furniture and different appliances. The tasks appear on your laptop. You can accept them or choose other options. And your customers pay you money, so you get the opportunity to develop your business.

When you begin to play, you receive only a mop and your tablet. With these tools you can clean the rooms of your clients and purchase the things they need you to install. In the beginning of the walkthrough it’s the only task you receive, so don’t worry. And after you play a little, you will unlock new tools for your job. You can change wallpapers, repair floors and even demolish the entire wall. Your main aim is to make these buildings beautiful and expensive. So the people will purchase it for a high price.

Join your best friend in this interesting game or invite him to grow your business together and spend time having fun!