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House Flipper is an exciting simulator that has gained popularity among gamers all over the world. The game is designed to simulate the experience of renovating and cleaning buildings. Time to test it yourself!

What’s your job?

It is a great way to indulge in your love for home renovation without the actual physical labor. You play as a virtual handyman, and your main objective is to renovate and clean up different properties. Take a look at your laptop in your office. You receive different jobs and need to go to the necessary places to complete your tasks.

First, you clean the building and dispose of the rubbish. Use your hands and different items you unlock. You can customize the interior and exterior of this place and give it a new look. Paint the walls, install new furniture, add decorations and make other improvements to increase the value of the property.

Don’t forget about your home too. In the beginning you have a tiny building full of garbage and broken furniture. But the more you play, the more money you receive. And you can fully repair your home or even purchase a new one. Just do your job perfectly and save money for all the purchases you want to make in the future.

Grab a mop and let’s go!

The controls of House Flipper are intuitive. You can use a mouse and keyboard to navigate through the different menus and make changes to the buildings. You pick the things you need for a certain task and use them. All the tasks are located on your screen. You can see the missions for every room.

During the walkthrough you unlock new tools. In the beginning only the mop is available for you. You are able to clean floors, walls and other surfaces with this tool. But it’s not enough for the result you want. So then you will get more items for your job. Remember about your tablet. It will help you buy necessary furniture and decorations for your home and your clients’ buildings.

Then, when you earn enough money, you can purchase properties and sell them. Of course, customers won’t buy a dirty broken building without good furniture. So you need to make it the perfect place with everything a modern family needs for living. This way you can sell it with a high price and make profit from the deal.

If you love creating designs for homes, you came to the right place. The well detailed graphics and interesting tasks will immerse you into this cool work. So quickly press the start button and get your first email!