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House Flipper Mods

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Meet the simulator of a builder and repairer! You will play one person who combines these two jobs and tries to build his business of buying and selling properties.

The game consists of different activities you can perform. First, you are able to work for your clients. You receive an email, go to their homes and clean and renovate them. Install appliances and buy the things they want. Then you receive money and can begin another job. You always have lots of emails with all the clients who need your help.

Second, you have the opportunity to get properties, renovate them and sell for the high prices. In these buildings you can do whatever you want. So you will definitely have fun playing here. Destroy walls and build new ones, paint them or use wallpapers. Buy the furniture and place it to make it comfortable. Don’t forget about the garden and pay attention to all rooms.

Discover what other fascinating activities are prepared for you in House Flipper Mods!