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The second part of the original House Flipper is on your screens. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, House Flipper is a simulator that allows players to renovate buildings. So if you are interested in this activity, let’s play it on this site!

Try yourself in this interesting job!

In the game, players are tasked with buying, renovating, and selling properties for profit. But before you move to this part of your work, you need to earn more money. And the laptop in your small office will definitely help you. Because not a long time ago you posted that you offer cleaning and renovating services!

So your first clients already messaged you with their tasks. The email contains all the necessary information about this job. Go to the first customer and begin completing the tasks from the list. You only have a mop and your tablet. But the client only wants you to clean and install the new radiator. So these tools are enough for this mission. But later in the game you will unlock new useful items.

Clean every room, dispose of the rubbish and open your tablet to purchase a radiator. There you can find a store with everything you can purchase. You will need it in your job later too. After you successfully complete your job, you receive money. And the more you work, the more money you get!

What’s next?

Then, you will get money to purchase new properties. You start by browsing through a selection of buildings that are available for purchase. Each building has its own unique set of challenges and potential rewards. Once it is purchased, the user must then assess its condition and make any necessary repairs or renovations.

This can involve everything from painting walls to replacing appliances. You will knock down walls and rebuild them from scratch. And don’t forget about cleaning. It’s probably the most important part of your job. Because the first thing you need is a clean place. And as you have already played for a while, you got enough tools for everything.

It’s an interesting simulator for anyone who enjoys interior design and renovations. With its new features and improvements, it offers even more opportunities for creative expression.