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House Flipper Update

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The latest House Flipper version is on your screens. All the buildings developers added to the game are available for you in the menu. But before you purchase them, you need to work hard to earn money!

How about renovating some properties? Your story begins from a small dirty office. It’s full of rubbish and broken furniture. You just started your business, so you don’t have enough money to buy old properties. So what’s your plan? First, open your laptop and find the client. They will email you with the work they have. Second, accept the offer and drive to their homes. And lastly, complete all the tasks there and earn dollars! Clean, fix and install everything they ask you.

During the game you unlock different tools that can help you in your work. So later you will be able to paint walls, change floors and install appliances and furniture you need. The tablet also helps you buy all the techniques and furniture you want. After you repair the entire building, you can sell it for a high price to new owners. And the huge list of different properties you are able to renovate is at your disposal.

So press the start button and get money for your purchases. Enjoy your pastime in the House Flipper on this site!