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House Flipper PC

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Are you good at renovating and cleaning? If your answer is yes, you will definitely like the House Flipper. Here you can show your design skills and renovate some old properties to sell them after.

What’s in this email?

When you start the game you appear right on your doorstep. There is a laptop, a bunch of broken furniture and rubbish in your little cabin. But for now you can only dispose of rubbish and put the furniture in the right positions. So go and open your laptop to read the email your client sent you. It has your first job as a renovator and cleaner. And you better hurry up to the client’s home!

The job begins from the first room. You can see a list of tasks you have on your screen. Dispose the garbage, mop the floors and other surfaces and install the radiator. At this moment you receive your first tool – a mop. You also have a tablet with everything you are able to purchase. Get a radiator and install it. And your job is done. Receive money and move to the next customer.

What’s next?

This game becomes more interesting after you earn money. You receive the opportunity to buy properties, renovate them and sell them for high prices. Take a look at the list and find the property you are able to buy with the money you made. You will demolish walls, build them again, paint them and even pick the pictures you can hang on them. Your aim is to make a beautiful and comfortable home from the old broken building.

So House Flipper is also about buying and selling different properties. But before you sell it to the new owners, you need to make sure it looks good and expensive. Your tablet and all the instruments you unlock during the first stage will definitely help you in this process. But first, let’s help a couple of people get rid of their garbage and install everything they need!

What design style do you like? Everything for the perfect home is available for you in the store. Just press the start button and begin the walkthrough!